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Family law issues include...


  • Drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements

  • Divorce proceedings

  • Child custody disputes

  • Child support issues

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Going through a divorce or separation can be a life-changing and taxing experience for a couple or family. Your family lawyer in Michigan can help guide you through this challenging time with compassion, efficiency, and experience. Your attorney will remain sensitive to the needs of all adults and children involved, protect your interests, and provide legal advice.  


The family law attorneys at All Law PLLC are well versed in the Michigan legal system and family courts. We are dedicated to providing excellent advocacy and representation for many areas of family law, including:


  • Drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements

  • Filing for divorce

  • Child custody disputes

  • Child support issues

  • Paternity issues

  • Parenting time


Do you need professional aid with a family law matter? A family law attorney can assist with a comprehensive variety of legal issues or disputes that families can face.


Family law attorneys advise clients in litigious or non-litigious matters involving family rights, including:


  • Divorce proceedings

  • Custody disputes

  • Resolving distribution of assets

  • Foster care issues

Filing For Divorce

Divorce is never something you plan on, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or drawn out. If you are considering a divorce, reach out to your family law attorney in Michigan.


Divorce can be a very emotional event for both parties. The family law attorneys at All Law PLLC can help you establish reasonable expectations and expedite the process while also acting as a buffer between parties. 


Your divorce lawyer can focus on your case so you can move on with your life. Representing yourself could put you at a disadvantage if you have a busy schedule or don’t fully understand family law. A Michigan judge will still hold you to the same standard as a board-certified family lawyer. If your case involves custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, or more—you may need some legal help.


Divorce involves gathering paperwork, preparing documents, and detailing your assets. Our family law attorneys are with you at each step of the process to ensure that everything is properly in place when you file for divorce. 


Michigan is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means anyone can request a divorce with no explanation needed. Still, there are a few requirements for filing a legal divorce in Michigan, including:


  1. There must be an assertation of the breakdown of the marriage.

  2. Divorce must be filed at a local court.

  3. One or both parties must have resided in Michigan for at least half a year prior to filing.


Your spouse will be served with a Summons along with other documents that pertain to your case once you file for divorce.


Our experienced Michigan family lawyers serve our clients by handling all aspects of the divorce filing, and will represent you in case any problems arise.  

Child Custody and Visitation Cases

The child’s best interest determines Michigan state child custody cases. The judge will review the circumstances and facts of a case to determine an arrangement based on their findings, which can include:


  • The child’s best interest

  • The capacity of either party to provide the child with affection, love, guidance, education, and stability

  • Parental domestic environment

  • The permanence of any preexisting stable home environment and the child’s wishes to maintain continuity

  • The mental health of both parties

  • The physical aptitude of both parties

  •  The child’s preference

  • Domestic violence issues

  • Parental ability to cooperate and agree on issues concerning child’s welfare


For many parents, maneuvering custody and a visitation schedule can be frustrating and challenging at the best of times. However, it’s essential to remain rational when making long-term decisions that are best for you and your family. Our compassionate and understanding child custody lawyers help you meet your goals to attain the best possible conclusion for all.


The Michigan family law attorneys at All Law PLLC help you set reasonable goals, provide negotiation strategies, and keep your children’s wellbeing at the forefront. 


Each child custody case is unique, and we ensure that your parental rights are as protected as your child’s.

Parenting Time Schedule

Parenting time means the time a parent is allowed to spend with their child following a divorce. It can vary based on many variables and can cause strife between parties.


At All Law PLLC, we can explain the child custody process along with parenting time laws in Michigan. We can help advocate for you during custody hearings. 

Child Support 

The Michigan Paternity Act helps determine paternity. If paternity has been established, that means the biological parent is responsible for paying child support, which can include:


  • Health insurance

  • Medical bills

  • Birth expenses

  • Child care

  • Education and school supplies

  • Clothing

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Personal items


Our family law attorneys can help in cases involving child support enforcement and the resulting legal issues.


Child support payments are typically calculated using the Michigan Child Support Formula during a divorce and collected via the Friend of the Court in Michigan. 


Our experienced child support lawyers can work with you to get the support that you need. In addition, we will advocate for an equitable payment plan if you are paying child support.  


No matter the reason for a divorce or legal separation, the most important considerations are the needs of any children involved. Children have the right to financial support from both parents. Our Michigan family law firm can help support you during this time. 


At All Law PLLC, our divorce and child custody attorneys are well-versed in the details and technicalities regarding Michigan family law. We appreciate how complex these cases can be, so we aim for transparency with our clients. We go over all the details so you can make a well-educated decision regarding long-term family law matters. 

Michigan Family Law Discovery Process

The discovery process in Michigan family law cases is known as fact-gathering. There are many ways for either party to access facts about the case or obtain discovery. The discovery process allows either party to gather as much information to settle the case or proceed to trial. 

This discovery process can be used to access information relevant to spousal or child support, including work history, income, and more. The process is also used to gather information to be used in child custody and parenting time cases.

Appealing Family Law Matters


Deciding whether or not to appeal a divorce or other family law matter can be difficult and costly. Understanding what types of orders can be appealed and what the timeframes are is hard as well. 

An accomplished Michigan family lawyer can help guide you through the appellate divorce process and other types of family law matters that can be appealed, such as:

  • Spousal support modification

  • Enforcement of parental rights

  • Child custody issues

  • Property division during a divorce

  • Parental visitation

  • Child support modification


Knowing that not every ruling is subject to appeal is critical. While you have a right to appeal some judgments, only the Appeals Court can allow others to be appealed. 


In Michigan, you can appeal, by right, any final orders in divorce judgments and child custody matters. Meaning you can convince the Court of Appeals judges that you can assert your legal argument that an error was made.


If you are successful with this step, then you can legally file the appeal.  A professional Michigan family law attorney can clarify whether an appeal is possible in your specific circumstances. 

When to Hire Michigan Family Law Attorneys


No two family law cases are the same. Divorce and custody can be significant emotional and financial hurdles to overcome. We are here to guide you and address any concerns. We focus on the children to ensure that their interests are best served. 


Legal issues involving family law can be a challenging and emotional time in a person’s life, especially when there are children involved. An experienced family law attorney can help you understand your rights and legal procedures within Michigan. 


At All Law PLLC, our knowledgeable family attorneys bring years of family law experience to your case. Our professional attorneys are experienced in many different practice areas to suit your needs. 


Call today for a free consultation. Our legal team can help you navigate the legal system, provide legal advice,  and overcome any potential obstacles that your case might face. Together, we work with you to get the best possible outcome for you and your family.


The dissolution of a marriage can be an incredibly difficult situation.  There is no need to go through it alone.  At All Law, PLLC, we will be with you every step of the way as you go through the trials and tribulations of divorce.